Thursday, March 20, 2014


  We refinished the floors in our front two bedrooms about five months ago when I discovered hardwoods underneath the carpet. The third bedroom, unfortunately, had vinyl tile underneath, which was toxic, so our floor guy wouldn't pull it up. We saved up the money to have a demo crew come out and remove the kitchen floor and the tile, as well as some of our lower cabinets so we could install hardwoods in the final two rooms. Our floor guy said that our tile job was maybe the worst he had ever seen! The demo crew had to pull up 3 layers of floor, and even then our floor crew had to pull up a 4th layer! SO many crappy things were added to this addition that sometimes it can be hard to undo everything in an old house. Ours is 1940's. Not exactly my favorite vintage due to the low ceilings but it's a nice house. Also check out the green counter top and ceiling tile you can see below! We can't really spend the money to have new cabinets installed at the moment, so we had to leave the top row of cabinets in for storage. Our next goal is to have sheet rock installed for the walls and ceiling. Can you believe the wood panels? :) As you can tell, the dogs don't mind that we moved their "bed" into a random room. They'll sleep anywhere apparently.

 Things we have accomplished so far:

-Soon to have matching hardwoods throughout the rooms
-Painted the den Benjamin Moore Owl Gray (it was a dingy white that I don't have pictured)
-Painted the cabinets and wood panels for my piece of mind during that transitional phase (part of that work has gone away since the lower cabinets were removed
-Lower cabinet demo

To be worked on in the future:
-Sheet rock
-Kitchen ceiling and cabinet demo
-Remove that hideous fan
-New cabinets, kitchen layout redesign
-New appliances
-Crew comes back next week for floor stain and baseboards

Things I've learned:

-Exposed sinks smell bad if they aren't capped
-You uncover hidden costs and gross things in old houses
-It's tough to be living at home during a reno


  1. It looks amazing! What a difference. Four layers of flooring! Eek! I love all of your greys and whites paired with the wood. It is so soothing and pretty.



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