Wednesday, December 4, 2013

KiKi Room

Remember the middle room? Probably not! I haven't mentioned much about our third bedroom because it hasn't been much of anything, even after we redid the floors two months ago. Just a reminder- I got a little crazy and pulled up the carpet in the middle bedroom to find wood floors underneath. This was the motivation to get the floors sanded and stained. After we did this, the room stayed empty with nothing but a desk and a computer for at least a month. Budget and lack of time kept the room from being completed. While I had already painted the room before the wood floors were discovered, I hadn't hung curtains or found any furniture for it. It still had mini blinds... eek! I wanted a daybed for that room, or a couch, but a daybed seemed practical (comfortable, less expensive) because it can be used to sleep in or as a lounging spot for watching movies or searching the web. However, did you know daybeds are also really expensive? My first choice was a french inspired one by Elegance at Layla Grayce, and my second choice was from Ballard. Unfortunately I didn't have an extra $1,000-2,000 sitting around for a rainy day, so I kept searching for one under $500 before I got serious about buying one. I found one on Joss & Main I wanted for $400 but you can't return orders from their events, and with a mattress purchase it'd still be over $500. I considered Ikea, which surprisingly didn't have any as cheap as I'd imagined, but I was worried it wouldn't be sturdy enough anyway. I finally settled on an "Indonesian Daybed" from World Market because they had 25% off furniture and I could return it if I didn't like it. Plus, they had it on reign check and out of stock for about a month so it bought me some time. It's finally here and I am somewhat pleased. I like the shape and the depth... haven't bought a mattress for it yet. I had a dream the other night that I painted it. I am not used to dark pieces but I'm getting used to it. As for the bedding, it will eventually be H&M linens and pillows that all match. As for now it's any random pillow and cover I could find because I don't have a pillow budget right now. As for curtains, I had planned on hanging curved rods but couldn't find any, so I used some mismatched spare rods that I had in the closet and some hand-me-down Ikea curtains (Linda) from my mom. This room houses our computer so I sewed some window covers to come up halfway on the windows for privacy since I don't usually even like closing curtains and blocking natural light. Just used linen fabric from Joann's. The rug is a random I grabbed from Pier 1 that was intended for the kitchen. The desk is an old purchase from West Elm. The dresser is from a garage sale- it used to be lime green but I painted it with leftover Benjamin Moore paint. The odd lamp was $25 from Pottery Barn Outlet, and the decor bits are from Round Top, Home Goods (!) and a local store called Back Home.

Once my fiance and I were watching Million Dollar Listing New York and this 20-something girl buying a very expensive apartment overlooking Central Park called her spare bedroom a KiKi room. The agent asked her what that meant, and she said it's a room where you listen to music, hang out, and get ready to party! We thought that was funny, so until we have kids or need that room for something practical, we just call it our KiKi room. It's the first time we've had a third bedroom, so we feel lucky to have a KiKi room of our own! 

KiKi Room

To Do:
New ceiling fan
More permanent decor/rugs
Doorknob for the door that doesn't have one
Closet organization
Matching bedding


  1. I love your Kiki room! And that daybed is gorgeous. I love the dark with the light. The contrast is so interesting and dreamy. I recently framed two paintings and I used a light grey linen and an antique looking darker frame combined. It reminds me of your bed. I cannot stop thinking of the framing combo and how I would like to incorporate more of that in my own home.

    Great job! It is beautiful!


    P.S. That basket is fab!

    1. Any pictures of your framed stuff? I've been wanting to work on wall hangings for a while now! Yes the basket was a great find at Home Goods.

    2. They are at the framers still. They will be back by the 14th. I am anxiously waiting. I will definitely have pictures. Although, they are quirky. One is the abonimable snowman and the other is the white rabbit. I loved the muted grey paper they were printed on and the colorful drawing. Probably not what you were going for. They are quite fun, but wacky. ; ). Although the frame would fit in perfectly!

      I will definitely post pics when I receive them!

      I have a gift card to Home Goods. I'll stop in tomorrow to,scope it out!


  2. the kiki room is shaping up quite nicely, i am loving the dresser you have in there, it's really pretty! buying furniture is such a pain, it seems to take forever to find just the right piece. also, i had no idea H&M sold linens.

  3. Thank you so much! Yes H&M Home has some good options. Their 'basics' collection has some nice fabric selections- linen, cotton, etc.


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