Saturday, November 2, 2013

Road Trip Round 2

The other half of our road trip was spent with family in Little Rock, Arkansas. Little Rock is full of beautiful historic homes, as well as small shops and local restaurants. The second to last photo is of the Governor's Mansion. Over the years it seems like more young people are moving there and making it a more vibrant place to live. Or maybe it just seemed more vibrant because of the cool front that had just come in, who knows! There was a nice garage sale across the street on the first morning where I got a pretty bird print, some old fashioned fruit place mats, and a porcelain teacup nightlight. We stopped by a local farmers market and ate at our favorite restaurant twice for breakfast. The Root Cafe! We also tried a neat place for dinner called Nachez (the chef is originally from Naches, Mississippi). During this part of the trip we got to eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. On the second day we stopped by the Oscar de la Renta show at the Clinton Library. The dresses pictured were worn by Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, and Sarah Jessica Parker! The next day we did a little shopping at the Little Rock Anthropologie. When I walk into Anthros in other cities I always think... this is so much more exciting than the one back home! Does that ever happen to you? 


  1. Your pictures are always so gorgeous! It looks like such a fun trip. And Anthropologies in other cities are always more exciting!

    And now I want a parfait!


  2. The Oscar de la Renta gown worn by Jessica Chastain was my favourite of awards season two years ago! It is so gorgeous, so Greek goddess-y! So jealous you got to see it in person!


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