Thursday, October 24, 2013

Vacation Photo Diary 1

 We just got back from a little road trip to Little Rock and Nashville. We'd been planning on getting up to Little Rock to visit my aunt to talk about the wedding since she is officiating. We decided to tack on a visit to Nashville for a few nights because we had driven through last year and thought it seemed like a place we'd like to spend more time. We had planned on booking a B&B there, but they were full  by the time we got around to making plans. Instead, we found a house in East Nashville to rent on Airbnb. It was our first time staying in a vacation rental home, so we learned several things for the future. Most of the affordable rentals we saw online were condos, and I think I'd rather just stay in a hotel if I was going to stay in a place downtown without a lot of green space. We found this house though that was about the same price as we would have paid for a room at the B&Bs so we decided to book it even though it was a 3 bedroom house and we are just 2 people! Glad we did, because it's nice to have the privacy of coming and going that you don't always get at a hotel. Also, we drove so we had to have our car close by so we could grab stuff out of it every now and then. Loved the furniture at the rental! On the downside, I got really scared the second night because I accidentally discovered the scary basement. We stayed up later than intended listening to the floors creaking eerily. I enjoyed the area we were in, lots of cute shops and restaurants, so that was definitely a positive to booking the house. The only other con was that the bathroom was kind of dingy and didn't have a window- something no one on the reviews had mentioned. Just wanted to give you an idea of the good and the bad in case anyway was considering booking a vacation rental and hadn't experienced it yet. Overall I would do it again because of the privacy, the space, and to get a taste of living in the city! I'll post more about Little Rock after- just wanted to break up the posts because there are so many photos. Things we did in Nashville- ate at Husk and Lockeland Table, shopped in 12 South area, browsed antiques, drove around sightseeing, walked, went to parks, and rested. We took a tour of Belle Meade Plantation, and on the way home we drove down Chickering Rd. because I had read that is where some of the most expensive real estate in the city is located. During this drive we discovered Percy Warner Park, where we found a really magical spot to take some photos for the blog.


  1. How fun! That furniture in that rental is great! Those pictures of you in the forrest are gorgeous. So beautiful. They belong in a magazine or an Anthro catalog!

    I cannot wait to read the rest!


    1. It was so hard to leave without that furniture! Haha.


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