Thursday, March 20, 2014


Bag: Coach 
Similar here
Jacket: Anthropologie Cartonnier Kittery Blazer
This one from this season
Dress: Old Navy


  We refinished the floors in our front two bedrooms about five months ago when I discovered hardwoods underneath the carpet. The third bedroom, unfortunately, had vinyl tile underneath, which was toxic, so our floor guy wouldn't pull it up. We saved up the money to have a demo crew come out and remove the kitchen floor and the tile, as well as some of our lower cabinets so we could install hardwoods in the final two rooms. Our floor guy said that our tile job was maybe the worst he had ever seen! The demo crew had to pull up 3 layers of floor, and even then our floor crew had to pull up a 4th layer! SO many crappy things were added to this addition that sometimes it can be hard to undo everything in an old house. Ours is 1940's. Not exactly my favorite vintage due to the low ceilings but it's a nice house. Also check out the green counter top and ceiling tile you can see below! We can't really spend the money to have new cabinets installed at the moment, so we had to leave the top row of cabinets in for storage. Our next goal is to have sheet rock installed for the walls and ceiling. Can you believe the wood panels? :) As you can tell, the dogs don't mind that we moved their "bed" into a random room. They'll sleep anywhere apparently.

 Things we have accomplished so far:

-Soon to have matching hardwoods throughout the rooms
-Painted the den Benjamin Moore Owl Gray (it was a dingy white that I don't have pictured)
-Painted the cabinets and wood panels for my piece of mind during that transitional phase (part of that work has gone away since the lower cabinets were removed
-Lower cabinet demo

To be worked on in the future:
-Sheet rock
-Kitchen ceiling and cabinet demo
-Remove that hideous fan
-New cabinets, kitchen layout redesign
-New appliances
-Crew comes back next week for floor stain and baseboards

Things I've learned:

-Exposed sinks smell bad if they aren't capped
-You uncover hidden costs and gross things in old houses
-It's tough to be living at home during a reno

Monday, February 3, 2014


1. You have high expectations. You've seen every Pinterest wedding idea, every Style Me Pretty bride, every BHLDN Instagram post. There is a lot of pressure, and also desire, to live up to the perfect images you see online today of the boho inspired bridal photo shoots with the vintage inspired bridesmaids dresses. What I have learned throughout the process of planning my own wedding, is that everythingcosts more than you'd think. I would consider my "bridal style" to be natural beauty with a rustic twist. When I look at the imagery online from my favorite wedding blogs like OnceWed or Style Me Pretty, I can see that even the most natural looking wedding can add up when you get into calligraphy, paper goods, photography, and clothing costs. Which brings me to my next point.

2. You probably have a budget. If you don't have a budget, then more power to you! If you do have a budget, however, I have found that taking the more creative route can actually end up making you just as happy, if not happier, than the most expensive option. I read online that a lot more couples are financing their own weddings these days, so don't feel bad if your family doesn't have that magic wedding fund that they've been adding to since the day you were born. I wouldn't recommend sacrificing on things that are most important to you, but keep an open mind. For me, one of the most important things to spend money on is the photography, but I've been willing to be flexible on other costs like my dress.

3. You can't please everyone. A wise bride once told me, "Try not to worry about what everyone else wants." She warned me that many people would have expectations or requests- like how many guests to invite, which guests to invite, how the ceremony should go, what kind of food or alcohol should be served. So far I have encountered this a lot and sometimes feel like I am letting people down. Keep reminding yourself that it is your wedding.

4. You are lucky! 2014 brides you are very lucky because anything goes! You can be traditional, you can be different, you can DIY, you can have a wedding outside, you can have a wedding in a church, you can have it in a house you, can have it with a mouse. You get the idea. 

5. You probably need a blog to vent. I really wanted nice wedding invitations. I looked online and I found some lovely letterpress invitations and some lovely calligraphy invitations. All of these options were out of my price range. I then decided that I would order the most plain and inexpensive invitations I could find and I would make myself love them. I ordered some from Invitations by Dawn after seeing an ad on a wedding blog. I liked the invitations I ordered, however, there was a printing error that made the left half of the invitations darker in color than the right side of the invitations. When I called to ask them to resend they told me they wouldn't because there was no promise that they'd ever be printed correctly. Luckily they offered a refund. It was the month I wanted to send out my invites. I decided I'd order from David's Bridal a similar plain inexpensive style, but I had to wait a few days before I'd have time to go to the store and choose a paper type. That was lucky for me, because in those few days I decided I'd just design my own and order them from Artifact Uprising. I designed the invitations on InDesign and also Photoshop using a photograph I took myself. If you don't have the programs you can download the trial versions on the Adobe website. My RSVP is a postcard that I designed. Then I bought my envelopes from Paper Source, and ordered some pretty ribbon from Frou Frou Chic. My wedding venue offers free maps that I included in my envelopes. I had a local person address the envelopes for a very decent price. I feel so lucky that my invitations are now a reflection of my personality! Thanks Artifact Uprising

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wedding Board

 Good Resources:

Once Wed- good makeup ideas and invitation suite inspiration

Frou Frou Chic 

IG @sullivan_owen for flower inspiration

Monday, December 9, 2013

Wedding Menu Preview

We had the menu tasting for our future wedding reception last night! It was so nice to go back to our venue together again. It was a very cold day but the sunset was beautiful! Favorite dishes of the night include tenderloin, kimchi salad, and mini chocolate chip cookies. They have their own wood fire oven for pizzas so we got to try some blue cheese flatbreads too! Yum. I don't have pictures of all the food because the photos didn't look quite as appetizing in the dark! So far I've sent save the dates, ordered invites, booked the location and photographer, met with a florist, tasted our food, and gotten a dress! Why do I still feel like a bad bride? :) Still a long to-do list!

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